Dry gas seal matching to compressors for ethylene in the large ethylen projet

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Recently, our company and Shenyang Blower Works Group Corporation signed dry gas seal matching contract for pyrolysis gas compressor, propylene compressor, ethylene compressor under 800,000 tons/year ethylene project for Zhongke Guangdong Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. .   And signed dry gas seal matching contract for cracking gas compressor and propylene heat pump compressor under polyurethane Integration-Ethylene Project 1 million tons/year ethylene plant with Wanhua Chemical.

ca88亚洲城娱乐 www.shoplucia.net This is the first time the domestic dry gas seal products are applied in domestic large ethylene 

project (more than 800,000 tons/year).


As the leading enterprise in the domestic sealing industry, relying on the company's technical force, the company carried out a large number of basic research and testing for high duty dry gas seals, to obtain relevant results.  At the same time, the company made a comprehensive breakthrough successfully in the design method, manufacturing process, testing methods and so on for dry gas seal, and overcame the technical problems for dry gas seal under " three compressors for ethylene " in ethylene plant.       In May of 2016, " dry gas seal for three compressors for ethylene passed the identification held by China Machinery Industry Federation,on behalf of National Energy Agency.   In the same year it acquired Second Grade Prize of Technology Progress from the China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seal Industry.


Zhongke Guangdong Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. , Wanhua Chemical Group and Shenyang Blower Works Group Corporation decided to apply our products to the big ethylene project, this fully proved technology strength and achievements of our dry gas seal for " three compressors for ethylene ".  It has been widely accepted by the customers, the OEM plant and engineering companies.  At present, most of the dry gas seal for domestic large ethylene project are monopolized by foreign companies.  Through the localization for domestic equipment and the installation for new equipment, it can not only reduce the operation cost of petrochemical enterprises, but also ensure long-term, safe and

stable operation for the device through our timely after sales services.


 ( Background:  In the ethylene project, ethylene plant is the source of many downstream devices, unplanned shut down of three compressors for ethylene,which is in the heart status, means the shut down for ethylene plant or a number of downstream devices,or even for the entire production line, thus it will result in huge economic losses, so it has very high requirements for the security and reliability for dry gas seal. 


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